Cyberbug - PS4 | 2020 (unpublished) - Black River Studios
Some concept art explorations I did for the environments of the game.
Brawler pitch | 2019 - Black River Studios
Tin & Kuna - PS4, Switch, XBox and Steam | 2019 - Black River Studios
Key art, props and high level concept art I develop for the game
Mobile games pitches | 2012
Conflict0: Shattered - VR game | 2017 - Black River Studios
360° Concept art of game locations.
I wrote an article about the development of this game: Lessons learned on game art production - Part I
Conflict0: Revolution - Mobile game | 2017 - Black River Studios
Concept art for environment assets, color palette and first pitch concept art.
In game assets concept art
In game assets concept art
Combat concept art
Combat concept art
Idle Idol - Mobile game | 2019 - Black River Studios
Character skins concept art, gameplay screen concept art and NPC helper concept art.
Game Jams - PC games | 2016
Game concept art and in game assets for side projects.
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